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Roll-over valves - removal and refitting
Fuel and exhaust systems / Roll-over valves - removal and refitting

Warning: The fuel system pressure must be released before any part of the system is disturbed - see Section 2. Petrol is extremely flammable, so take extra precautions when you work on any part of the fuel system. DonТt smoke, or allow open flames or bare light bulbs, near the work area. DonТt work in a garage where a natural gas-type appliance (such as a water heater or clothes dryer) with a pilot light is present. If you spill any fuel on your skin, rinse it off immediately with soap and water. When you perform any kind of work on the fuel system, wear safety glasses, and have a Class B type fire extinguisher on hand.

Note: Refer to illustrations 10.4 and 10.11 for details.

1 Remove the fuel tank (see Section 10).

2 Prise the two valves out of the tank, and remove the anti-trickle fill valve from its mounting. Take care not to damage the valves or the tank. Prise out the rubber seals from the tank openings, and renew then if they are worn, distorted, or if either has been leaking.

3 If either valve is thought to be faulty, seek the advice of a Ford dealer as to whether they can be renewed individually. If not, the complete valve and pipe assembly must be renewed.

4 Refitting is the reverse of the removal procedure. Ensure that both roll-over valves are pressed securely into their seals, so that there can be no fuel leaks.

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