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Alternator - removal and refitting
Engine electrical systems / Alternator - removal and refitting

1 Disconnect the battery negative (earth) lead - see Section 1.

2 Remove the plenum chamber (see Chapter 4).

3 Unscrew the nuts to disconnect the wiring from the alternator (see illustration). If additional working clearance is required, undo the right-hand of the three screws securing the wiring УrailФ to the rear of the inlet manifold.

12.3 Disconnecting alternator wiring
12.3 Disconnecting alternator wiring

4 Jack up and support the front right-hand corner of the vehicle. Remove the auxiliary drivebelt and the engine oil filter - place a wad of rag to soak up the spilled oil (see Chapter 1). Rather than refit a used filter, you are advised to drain the engine oil, and then to fit a new filter and refill the engine with clean oil on reassembly. Where an engine oil cooler is fitted, it may prove necessary to remove this as well, to provide the clearance necessary to remove the alternator (see Chapter 2, Part A).

5 Unscrew the two bolts securing the power steering system pipes to the right-hand side of the front suspension subframe. With the front wheels in the straight-ahead position, disconnect the right-hand track rod end from the steering knuckle (see Chapter 10).

6 Remove the mounting bolts and nuts (one at the top, two at the bottom). Withdraw the alternator from the engine, and manoeuvre it out through the wheel arch (see illustration).

Do not drop it, it is fragile.

12.6 Alternator must be withdrawn through right-hand front wheel arch
12.6 Alternator must be withdrawn through right-hand front wheel arch

7 If you are renewing the alternator, take the old one with you when purchasing a replacement unit. Make sure that the new or rebuilt unit is identical to the old alternator.

Look at the terminals - they should be the same in number, size and location as the terminals on the old alternator. Finally, look at the identification markings - they will be stamped in the housing, or printed on a tag or plaque affixed to the housing. Make sure that these numbers are the same on both alternators.

8 Many new/rebuilt alternators do not have a pulley installed, so you may have to switch the pulley from the old unit to the new/rebuilt one.

When buying an alternator, ask about the installation of pulleys - some auto-electrical specialists will perform this service free of charge.

9 Refitting is the reverse of the removal procedure, referring where necessary to the relevant Chapters of this manual. Tighten all fasteners to the specified torque wrench settings.

10 Check the charging voltage to verify proper operation of the alternator (see Section 11).

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