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Starting system - general information and precautions
Engine electrical systems / Starting system - general information and precautions

General information
The sole function of the starting system is to turn over the engine quickly enough to allow it to start.

The starting system consists of the battery, the starter motor, the starter solenoid, and the wires connecting them. The solenoid is mounted directly on the starter motor.

The solenoid/starter motor assembly is installed on the rear upper part of the engine, next to the transmission bellhousing.

When the ignition key is turned to position УIIIФ, the starter solenoid is actuated through the starter control circuit. The starter solenoid then connects the battery to the starter. The battery supplies the electrical energy to the starter motor, which does the actual work of cranking the engine.

The starter motor on a vehicle equipped with automatic transmission can be operated only when the selector lever is in Park or Neutral (УPФ or УNФ).

If the alarm system is armed or activated, the starter motor cannot be operated. The same applies with the engine immobiliser system (where fitted).

Always observe the following precautions when working on the starting system: (a) Excessive cranking of the starter motor can overheat it, and cause serious damage. Never operate the starter motor for more than 15 seconds at a time without pausing to allow it to cool for at least two minutes. Excessive starter operation will also risk unburned fuel collecting in the catalytic converterТs element, causing it to overheat when the engine does start (see Chapter 6).

(b) The starter is connected directly to the battery, and could arc or cause a fire if mishandled, overloaded or shorted-out.

(c) Always detach the lead from the negative terminal of the battery before working on the starting system (see Section 1).

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