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Rear hub and bearings (Saloon/Hatchback models) - inspection and renewal
Suspension and steering systems / Rear hub and bearings (Saloon/Hatchback models) - inspection and renewal

Note: Removal of the rear hub damages the bearings, and renders them unserviceable for future use. The hub and bearing assembly must always be renewed if it is removed.

1 The rear hub bearings are non-adjustable, and are supplied complete with the hub. It is not possible to renew the bearings separately from the hub.

2 To check the bearings for excessive wear, chock the front wheels, then jack up the rear of the vehicle and support it on axle stands.

Fully release the handbrake.

3 Grip the rear wheel at the top and bottom, and attempt to rock it. If excessive movement is noted, or if there is any roughness or vibration felt when the wheel is spun, it is indicative that the hub bearings are worn.

4 Remove the rear wheel.

5 On models fitted with rear brake drums, remove the rear brake drum as described in Chapter 9.

6 On models fitted with rear brake discs, remove the rear brake disc as described in Chapter 9.

7 On all models, tap off the dust cap and unscrew the hub nut. Note that the nut is of special laminated design, and should only be re-used a maximum of 5 times. It is a good idea to mark the nut with a file every time it is removed. Obtain a new one if necessary.

8 Using a suitable puller, draw the hub and bearing assembly off the stub axle. Note that this procedure renders the bearings unserviceable for future use.

9 Locate the new rear hub and bearing assembly on the stub axle, then refit the hub nut and tighten it to the specified torque.

10 Tap the dust cap fully onto the hub.

11 Refit the rear brake disc or drum as applicable, as described in Chapter 9.

12 Refit the rear wheel, and lower the vehicle to the ground.

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