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Power steering gear rubber gaiters - renewal
Suspension and steering systems / Power steering gear rubber gaiters - renewal

1 Remove the track rod end and its locknut from the track rod, as described in Section 35.

Make sure that a note is made of the exact position of the track rod end on the track rod, in order to retain the front wheel alignment setting on refitting.

2 Release the outer retaining clip and inner plastic clamp band, and disconnect the gaiter from the steering gear housing.

3 Disconnect the breather from the gaiter, then slide the gaiter off the track rod.

4 Scrape off all grease from the old gaiter, and apply to the track rod inner joint. Wipe clean the seating areas on the steering gear housing and track rod.

5 Slide the new gaiter onto the track rod and steering gear housing, and reconnect the breather.

6 Fit a new inner plastic clamp band and outer retaining clip.

7 Refit the track rod end as described in Section 35.

8 Have the front wheel alignment checked, and if necessary adjusted, at the earliest opportunity (refer to Section 36).

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