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Power steering hydraulic system - bleeding
Suspension and steering systems / Power steering hydraulic system - bleeding

1 Following any operation in which the power steering fluid lines have been disconnected, the power steering system must be bled, to remove any trapped air.

2 With the front wheels in the straight-ahead position, check the power steering fluid level in the reservoir and, if low, add fresh fluid until it reaches the УMAXФ or УMAX COLDФ mark.

Pour the fluid slowly, to prevent air bubbles forming, and use only the specified fluid (refer to Chapter 1 Specifications).

3 Start the engine, and allow it to run at a fast idle. Check the hoses and connections for leaks.

4 Stop the engine, and recheck the fluid level.

Add more if necessary, up to the УMAXФ or УMAX COLDФ mark.

5 Start the engine again, allow it to idle, then bleed the system by slowly turning the steering wheel from side to side several times.

This should purge the system of all internal air. However, if air remains in the system (indicated by the steering operation being very noisy), leave the vehicle overnight, and repeat the procedure again the next day.

6 If air still remains in the system, it may be necessary to resort to the Ford method of bleeding, which uses a vacuum pump. Turn the steering to the right until it is near the stop, then fit the vacuum pump to the fluid reservoir, and apply 0.15 bars of vacuum.

Maintain the vacuum for a minimum of 5 minutes, then repeat the procedure with the steering turned to the left.

7 Keep the fluid level topped-up throughout the bleeding procedure; note that, as the fluid temperature increases, the level will rise.

8 On completion, switch off the engine, and return the front wheels to the straight-ahead position.

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