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The bodyshell and underframe on all models is of all-steel welded construction, incorporating progressive crumple zones at the front and rear, and a rigid centre safety cell. The bulkhead behind the engine compartment incorporates crash grooves which determine its energy-absorption characteristics, and special beams to prevent the intrusion of the front wheels into the passenger compartment during a serious accident. All passenger doors incorporate side impact bars.

All sheet metal surfaces which are prone to corrosion are galvanized. The painting process includes a base colour which closely matches the final topcoat, so that any stone damage is not noticeable.

Hatchback, Saloon and Estate versions are available. The front section of the vehicle up to the УBФ pillar is identical on all models.

Automatic seat belts are fitted to all models, and the front seat belt stalks are mounted on automatic tensioners (also known as УgrabbersФ) (see illustration).

1.4 Automatic seat belt tensioner
1.4 Automatic seat belt tensioner

1 Coil spring
2 Lever system
3 Spring mass sensor

In the event of a
serious front impact, a spring mass sensor releases a coil spring which pulls the stalk buckle downwards and tensions the seat belt.

It is not possible to reset the tensioner once fired, and it must therefore be renewed.

In the UK, central locking is standard on all models (see illustration).

1.5 Central locking component locations
1.5 Central locking component locations

1 Indicator light
2 Buzzer
3 Central locking module 4 Infra-red receiver
5 Lock motor
6 Set/reset switch
7 Ajar switch
8 Infra-red transmitter

In other countries, it is available on certain models only. Where double-locking is fitted, the lock mechanism is disconnected (when the system is in use) from the interior door handles, making it impossible to open any of the doors or the tailgate/bootlid from inside the vehicle. This means that, even if a thief should break a side window, he will not be able to open the door using the interior handle. Models with the double-locking system are fitted with a control module located beneath the facia on the right-hand side. In the event of a serious accident, a crash sensor unlocks all doors if they were previously locked.

Many of the procedures in this Chapter require the battery to be disconnected. Refer to Chapter 5, Section 1 first.

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