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Bonnet release cable and lever - removal and refitting
Bodywork and fittings / Bonnet release cable and lever - removal and refitting

1 With the bonnet open, disconnect the battery negative (earth) lead (Chapter 5, Section 1).

2 Working inside the vehicle, remove the trim from the УBФ pillar, and pull off the door weatherstrips from the bottom of the door apertures.

3 Remove the clips and screws, and withdraw the lower side trim, to give access to the bonnet release lever (see illustration).

9.3 Bonnet release lever
9.3 Bonnet release lever

4 Release the outer cable from the lever bracket.

5 Unscrew and remove the lever mounting screws, and turn the lever clockwise through a quarter-turn to disconnect it from the cable.

6 Remove the radiator grille (Section 7). Also remove the backing panel from the engine compartment front crossmember.

7 Release the inner and outer cables from the lock.

8 Withdraw the cable from the engine compartment, feeding it through the front crossmember, and removing the grommet from the bulkhead.

9 Refitting is a reversal of the removal procedure.

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