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Interior mirror - removal and refitting
Bodywork and fittings / Interior mirror - removal and refitting

1 Using a length of strong thin cord or fishing line, break the adhesive bond between the base of the mirror and the glass. Have an assistant support and remove the mirror as is released.

2 If the original mirror is to be refitted, thoroughly clean its base with methylated spirit and a lint-free cloth. Allow a period of one minute for the spirit to evaporate. Clean the windscreen black patch in a similar manner.

3 During the installation of the mirror, it is important that the mirror base, windscreen black patch and the adhesive patch are not touched or contaminated in any way, otherwise poor adhesion will result.

4 Prior to fitting the mirror, the vehicle should have been at an ambient temperature of at least 20єC.

5 With the contact surfaces thoroughly cleaned, remove the protective tape from one side of the adhesive patch, and press it firmly into contact with the mirror base.

6 If fitting the mirror to a new windscreen, the protective tape must also be removed from the windscreen black patch.

7 Using a hairdryer or a hot air gun, warm the mirror base and the adhesive patch for about 30 seconds to a temperature of 50 to 70єC.

Peel back the protective tape from the other side of the adhesive patch on the mirror base.

Align the mirror base and the windscreen patch, and press the mirror firmly into position. Hold the base of the mirror firmly against the windscreen for a minimum period of two minutes, to ensure full adhesion.

8 Wait at least thirty minutes before adjusting the mirror position.

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