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Boot lid - removal and refitting
Bodywork and fittings / Boot lid - removal and refitting

1 Disconnect the battery negative (earth) lead (Chapter 5, Section 1), and open the boot lid.

2 Where applicable, pull off the trim covering, and release the wiring on the hinge arm.

3 Where fitted, remove the trim from inside the boot lid.

4 Disconnect the wiring at the connectors visible through the boot lid inner skin aperture.

5 Attach a length of strong cord to the end of the wires in the aperture, to act as an aid to guiding the wiring through the lid when it is refitted.

6 Release the cable guide rubber grommet, and withdraw the wiring loom through it. Untie the cord, and leave it in the boot lid.

7 Mark the position of the hinge arms with a pencil.

8 Place rags beneath each corner of the boot lid, to prevent damage to the paintwork.

9 With the help of an assistant, unscrew the mounting bolts and lift the boot lid from the car.

10 Refitting is a reversal of the removal procedure. Check that the boot lid is correctly aligned with the surrounding bodywork, with an equal clearance around its edge.

Adjustment is made by loosening the hinge bolts, and moving the boot lid within the elongated mounting holes. Check that the lock enters the striker centrally when the boot lid is closed.

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