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Glovebox - removal and refitting
Bodywork and fittings / Glovebox - removal and refitting

1 Open the glovebox. Using a screwdriver, carefully press in one side of the glovebox near the hinge, to release it from the plastic clip (see illustration).

32.1 Glovebox removal
32.1 Glovebox removal

2 Withdraw the glovebox and, where necessary, disconnect the wiring multi-plug for the light.

3 If necessary, the lock may be removed by unscrewing the mounting screws and removing the lock plate and spring (see illustration).

32.3 Glovebox lock mounting screws (arrowed)
32.3 Glovebox lock mounting screws (arrowed)

4 To remove the lock barrel, depress the spring tabs.

5 Locate the barrel in the lock plate, making sure that the clips are fully engaged.

6 Hold the latch pins together, and engage the right-hand pin of the lock plate.

7 Refit the spring, and engage the left-hand pin of the lock plate.

8 Refit the lock plate, and tighten the screws.

9 Reconnect the wiring multi-plug and refit the glovebox, making sure that it is fully inserted in the plastic clips.

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