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Headlight beam alignment - checking and adjustment
Body electrical system / Headlight beam alignment - checking and adjustment

1 Accurate adjustment of the headlight beam is only possible using optical beam-setting equipment. This work should therefore be carried out by a Ford dealer, or other service station with the necessary facilities.

2 Temporary adjustment can be made after renewal of a headlight bulb or unit, or as an emergency measure if the alignment is incorrect following accident damage. Turn the adjustment screws on the top of the headlamp unit to make the adjustment (see illustration).

8.2 Headlight beam setting adjustment screws
8.2 Headlight beam setting adjustment screws

1 Vertical alignment screw 2 Horizontal alignment screw

3 Before making any adjustments to the settings, it is important that the tyre pressures are correct, and that the vehicle is standing on level ground. Bounce the front of the vehicle a few times to settle the suspension. Ideally, somebody of average size should sit in the driverТs seat during the adjustment, and the vehicle should have a full tank of fuel. Where a vehicle is fitted with an electrical beam levelling system, set the switch to the УOФ position before making any adjustments.

4 Whenever temporary adjustments are made, the settings must be checked and if necessary reset by a Ford dealer or other qualified person as soon as possible.

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