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Radio/cassette player - coding, removal and refitting
Body electrical system / Radio/cassette player - coding, removal and refitting

Note: Special tools are required to remove the radio.

1 If a Ford Keycode unit is fitted, and the unit and/or the battery is disconnected, the unit will not function again on reconnection until the correct security code is entered.

Details of this procedure are given in the Ford Audio Systems Operating Guide supplied with the vehicle when new, with the code itself being given in a Radio Passport and/or a Keycode Label at the same time.

2 For obvious security reasons, the re-coding procedure is not given in this manual - if you do not have the code or details of the correct procedure, but can supply proof of ownership and a legitimate reason for wanting this information, the vehicles selling dealer may be able to help.

3 Note that these units will allow only ten attempts at entering the code - any further attempts will render the unit permanently inoperative until it has been reprogrammed by Ford themselves. At first, three consecutive attempts are allowed; if all three are incorrect, a 30-minute delay is required before another attempt can be made. Each of any subsequent attempts (up to the maximum of ten) can be made only after a similar delay.

4 Disconnect the battery negative (earth) lead.

5 Where fitted, prise the cover/surround from the front of the radio/cassette player. Note that the cover is not fitted to all models.

6 In order to release the radio retaining clips, two U-shaped rods must be inserted into the special holes on each side of the radio (see illustration). If possible, it is preferable to obtain purpose-made rods from an audio specialist, as these have cut-outs which snap firmly into the clips so that the radio can be pulled out. Pull the unit squarely from its aperture, or it may jam. If the unit proves difficult to withdraw, remove the cassette tray (or where applicable, the CD player) from beneath the unit, then reach through the aperture and ease it out from behind.

23.6 Using the special U-shaped rods to remove the radio
23.6 Using the special U-shaped rods to remove the radio

7 With the radio partly withdrawn, disconnect the feed, earth, aerial and speaker leads.

Where applicable, also detach and remove the plastic support bracket from the rear of the unit.

6 Refitting is a reversal of removal. With the leads reconnected to the rear of the unit, press it into position until the retaining clips are felt to engage. Reactivate the unit by entering the correct code in accordance with the makers instructions.

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