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Oil cooler - removal and refitting
In-car engine repair procedures / Oil cooler - removal and refitting

1 Drain the cooling system (see Chapter 1).

Disconnect the coolant hoses from the oil cooler.

2 Unscrew the oil filter (see Chapter 1) - catch any escaping oil in a drip tray.

3 Unscrew the filter adaptor from the oil pump, and withdraw the oil cooler; note how its unions are aligned, and be prepared for oil loss from the cooler.

4 Refitting is the reverse of the removal procedure, noting the following points: (a) Renew all O-rings and seals disturbed on removal.

(b) Align the cooler’s unions as noted on removal, and tighten the adaptor to the specified torque wrench setting.

(c) Refill the cooling system (see Chapter 1).

(d) Refit the oil filter, then check the engine oil level, and top-up as necessary (see Chapter 1).

(e) Check for signs of oil or coolant leaks once the engine has been restarted and warmedup to normal operating temperature.

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