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Flywheel/driveplate - removal, inspection and refitting
In-car engine repair procedures / Flywheel/driveplate - removal, inspection and refitting

1 Remove the transmission (see the relevant Part of Chapter 7). Now is a good time to check components such as oil seals and renew them if necessary.

2 Where appropriate, remove the clutch (Chapter 8). Now is a good time to check or renew the clutch components and pilot bearing.

3 Use a centre-punch or paint to make alignment marks on the flywheel/driveplate and crankshaft, to ensure correct alignment during refitting.

4 Prevent the flywheel/driveplate from turning by locking the ring gear teeth, or by bolting a strap between the flywheel/ driveplate and the cylinder block/ crankcase. Slacken the bolts evenly until all are free.

5 Remove each bolt in turn, and ensure that new replacements are obtained for reassembly; these bolts are subjected to severe stresses, and so must be renewed, regardless of their apparent condition, whenever they are disturbed.

6 Noting the reinforcing plate (automatic transmission-equipped models only), withdraw the flywheel/driveplate; do not drop it - it is very heavy.

7 Clean the flywheel/driveplate to remove grease and oil. Inspect the surface for cracks, rivet grooves, burned areas and score marks.

Light scoring can be removed with emery cloth. Check for cracked and broken ring gear teeth. Lay the flywheel/driveplate on a flat surface, and use a straight edge to check for warpage.

8 Clean and inspect the mating surfaces of the flywheel/driveplate and the crankshaft. If the crankshaft left-hand seal is leaking, renew it (see Section 20) before refitting the flywheel/driveplate.

9 While the flywheel/driveplate is removed, clean carefully its inboard (right-hand) face, particularly the recesses which serve as the reference points for the crankshaft speed/position sensor. Clean the sensor’s tip, and check that the sensor is securely fastened.

10 On refitting, ensure that the engine/transmission adaptor plate is in place (where necessary), then fit the flywheel/driveplate to the crankshaft so that all bolt holes align - it will fit only one way - check this using the marks made on removal.

Do not forget the reinforcing plate (where fitted).

11 Lock the flywheel/driveplate by the method used on dismantling. Working in a diagonal sequence to tighten them evenly, and increasing to the final amount in two or three stages, tighten the new bolts to the specified torque wrench setting (see illustration).

21.11 Note method used to lock flywheel/driveplate while (new) bolts are
21.11 Note method used to lock flywheel/driveplate while (new) bolts are tightened

12 The remainder of reassembly is the reverse of the removal procedure, referring to the relevant text for details where required.

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