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General information
Engine removal and general engine overhaul procedures / General information

How to use this Chapter This Part of Chapter 2 is devoted to engine/transmission removal and refitting, to those repair procedures requiring the removal of the engine/transmission from the vehicle, and to the overhaul of engine components. It includes only the Specifications relevant to those procedures. Refer to Part A for additional Specifications, if required.

General information
The information ranges from advice concerning preparation for an overhaul and the purchase of replacement parts, to detailed step-by-step procedures covering removal and installation of internal engine components and the inspection of parts.

The following Sections have been written based on the assumption that the engine has been removed from the vehicle. For information concerning in-vehicle engine repair, as well as removal and installation of the external components necessary for the overhaul, see Part A of this Chapter and Section 5 of this Part.

When overhauling this engine, it is essential to establish first exactly what replacement parts are available. At the time of writing, components such as the piston rings are not available separately from the piston/connecting rod assemblies; pistons, gudgeon pins and valve guides are not available separately, and very few under- or oversized components are available for engine reconditioning. In most cases, it would appear that the easiest and most economically-sensible course of action is to replace a worn or damaged engine with an exchange unit.

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