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Engine overhaul - dismantling sequence
Engine removal and general engine overhaul procedures / Engine overhaul - dismantling sequence

1 It is much easier to dismantle and work on the engine if it is mounted on a portable engine stand. These stands can often be hired from a tool hire shop. Before the engine is mounted on a stand, the flywheel/driveplate should be removed (Part A of this Chapter, Section 21) so that the stand bolts can be tightened into the end of the cylinder block/crankcase.

2 If a stand is not available, it is possible to dismantle the engine with it mounted on blocks, on a sturdy workbench or on the floor.

Be extra-careful not to tip or drop the engine when working without a stand.

3 If you are going to obtain a reconditioned engine, all external components must be removed first, to be transferred to the replacement engine (just as they will if you are doing a complete engine overhaul yourself).

Note: When removing the external components from the engine, pay close attention to details that may be helpful or important during refitting. Note the fitted position of gaskets, seals, spacers, pins, washers, bolts and other small items. These external components include the following: (a) Alternator and brackets (Chapter 5).

(b) HT leads and spark plugs (Chapter 1).

(c) Thermostat and housing (Chapter 3).

(d) Dipstick tube.

(e) Fuel injection system components (Chapter 4).

(f) All electrical switches and sensors - refer to the appropriate Chapter.

(g) Inlet and exhaust manifolds (Part A of this Chapter).

(h) Oil filter (Chapter 1).

(i) Engine/transmission mounting brackets (Part A of this Chapter, Section 22).

(j) Flywheel/driveplate (Part A of this Chapter, Section 21).

4 If you are obtaining a УshortФ engine (which consists of the engine cylinder block/crankcase, crankshaft, pistons and connecting rods all assembled), then the cylinder head, sump, oil pump, and timing belt will have to be removed also.

5 If you are planning a complete overhaul, the engine can be dismantled and the internal components removed in the following order.

(a) Inlet and exhaust manifolds (Part A of this Chapter).

(b) Timing belt, toothed pulleys and tensioner, and timing belt inner cover (Part A of this Chapter).

(c) Cylinder head (Part A of this Chapter, Section 14).

(d) Flywheel/driveplate (Part A of this Chapter, Section 21).

(e) Sump (Part A of this Chapter, Section 15).

(f) Oil pump (Part A of this Chapter, Section 16).

(g) Piston/connecting rod assemblies (Section 9).

(h) Crankshaft (Section 10).

6 Before beginning the dismantling and overhaul procedures, make sure that you have all of the correct tools necessary. Refer to the introductory pages at the beginning of this manual for further information.

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