All about Ford Mondeo

Routine maintenance and servicing / Introduction

This Chapter is designed to help the home mechanic maintain the Ford Mondeo models for peak performance, economy, safety and long life.

On the following pages are Sections dealing specifically with each item on the maintenance schedule. Visual checks, adjustments, component replacement and other helpful items are included. Refer to the accompanying illustrations of the engine compartment and the underside of the vehicle for the location of various components.

Servicing your Mondeo in accordance with the mileage/time maintenance schedule and the following Sections will provide it with a planned maintenance programme, which should result in a long and reliable service life.

This is a comprehensive plan, so maintaining some items but not others at the specified service intervals will not produce the same results.

As you service your Mondeo, you will discover that many of the procedures can - and should - be grouped together, because of the nature of the particular procedure youТre performing, or because of the close proximity to one another of two otherwise-unrelated components.

For example, if the vehicle is raised for any reason, you should inspect the exhaust, suspension, steering and fuel systems while youТre under the vehicle. When youТre checking the tyres, it makes good sense to check the brakes and wheel bearings, especially if the roadwheels have already been removed.

Finally, letТs suppose you have to borrow or hire a torque wrench. Even if you only need to tighten the spark plugs, you might as well check the torque of as many critical fasteners as time allows.

The first step of this maintenance programme is to prepare yourself before the actual work begins. Read through all the Sections which are relevant to the procedures youТre planning to carry out, then make a list of, and gather together, all the parts and tools you will need to do the job. If it looks as if you might run into problems during a particular segment of some procedure, seek advice from your local parts man or dealer service department.

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