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Engine overhaul - reassembly sequence
Engine removal and general engine overhaul procedures / Engine overhaul - reassembly sequence

1 Before reassembly begins, ensure that all new parts have been obtained, and that all necessary tools are available. Read through the entire procedure, to familiarise yourself with the work involved, and to ensure that all items necessary for reassembly of the engine are at hand. In addition to all normal tools and materials, suitable sealant will be required for two of the joint faces (Ford recommend Hylosil 102 for the cylinder block/crankcaseto- sump/oil pump/oil seal carrier joints, and Loctite 518 for the camshaft right-hand bearing caps). In all other cases, provided the relevant mating surfaces are clean and flat, new gaskets will be sufficient to ensure joints are oil-tight. Do not use any kind of siliconebased sealant on any part of the fuel system or inlet manifold, and never use exhaust sealants upstream of the catalytic converter.

2 In order to save time and avoid problems, engine reassembly can be carried out in the following order:
(a) Crankshaft (Section 17).

(b) Piston/connecting rod assemblies (Section 18).

(c) Oil pump (Part A of this Chapter, Section 16).

(d) Sump (Part A of this Chapter, Section 15).

(e) Flywheel/driveplate (Part A of this Chapter, Section 21).

(f) Cylinder head (Part A of this Chapter, Section 14).

(g) Timing belt inner cover, tensioner and toothed pulleys, and timing belt (Part A of this Chapter).

(h) Engine external components.

3 At this stage, all engine components should be absolutely clean and dry, with all faults repaired; they should be laid out (or in individual containers) on a completely-clean work surface.

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