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Engine - initial start-up after overhaul
Engine removal and general engine overhaul procedures / Engine - initial start-up after overhaul

1 With the engine refitted in the vehicle, double-check the engine oil and coolant levels. Make a final check that everything has been reconnected, and that there are no tools or rags left in the engine compartment.

2 With the spark plugs removed and the ignition system disabled by unplugging the ignition coilТs electrical connector, remove fuse 14 to disconnect the fuel pump. Turn the engine on the starter until the oil pressure warning light goes out.

3 Refit the spark plugs, and connect all the spark plug (HT) leads (Chapter 1). Reconnect the ignition coil wiring, refit the fuel pump fuse, then switch on the ignition and listen for the fuel pump; it will run for a little longer than usual, due to the lack of pressure in the system.

4 Start the engine, noting that this also may take a little longer than usual, due to the fuel system components being empty.

5 While the engine is idling, check for fuel, coolant and oil leaks. DonТt be alarmed if there are some odd smells and smoke from parts getting hot and burning off oil deposits.

If the hydraulic tappets have been disturbed, some valve gear noise may be heard at first; this should disappear as the oil circulates fully around the engine, and normal pressure is restored in the tappets.

6 Keep the engine idling until hot water is felt circulating through the top hose, check that it idles reasonably smoothly and at the usual speed, then switch it off.

7 After a few minutes, recheck the oil and coolant levels, and top-up as necessary (Chapter 1).

8 If they were tightened as described, there is no need to re-tighten the cylinder head bolts once the engine has first run after reassembly - in fact, Ford state that the bolts must not be re-tightened.

9 If new components such as pistons, rings or crankshaft bearings have been fitted, the engine must be run-in for the first 500 miles (800 km). Do not operate the engine at fullthrottle, or allow it to labour in any gear during this period. It is recommended that the oil and filter be changed at the end of this period.

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