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Coolant renewal
Routine maintenance and servicing / Coolant renewal

Ford state that, where antifreeze to specification ESD-M97B-49-A (the type with which the vehicles cooling system would have been filled on production at the factory) is used, it will last the lifetime of the vehicle.

This is subject to it being used in the recommended concentration, unmixed with any other type of antifreeze or additive, and topped-up when necessary using only that antifreeze mixed 50/50 with clean water. If any other type of antifreeze is added, the lifetime guarantee no longer applies; to restore the lifetime protection, the system must be drained and thoroughly reverse-flushed before fresh coolant mixture is poured in.

If the vehicles history (and therefore the quality of the antifreeze in it) is unknown, owners who wish to follow Fords recommendations are advised to drain and thoroughly reverse-flush the system, as outlined in Section 28, before refilling with fresh coolant mixture. If the appropriate quality of antifreeze is used, the coolant can then be left for the life of the vehicle.

If any antifreeze other than Fords is to be used, the coolant must be renewed at regular intervals to provide an equivalent degree of protection; the conventional recommendation is to renew the coolant every two years.

The above assumes the use of a mixture (in exactly the specified concentration) of clean, soft water and of antifreeze to Fords specification or equivalent. It is also assumed that the cooling system is maintained in a scrupulously-clean condition, by ensuring that only clean coolant is added on topping-up, and by thorough reverse-flushing whenever the coolant is drained (Section 28).

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