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Water pump - check, removal and refitting
Cooling, heating, and air conditioning systems / Water pump - check, removal and refitting

Note: Refer to the warnings given in Section 1 of this Chapter before starting work.

1 A failure in the water pump can cause serious engine damage due to overheating.

2 There are three ways to check the operation of the water pump while itТs installed on the engine. If the pump is defective, it should be replaced with a new or rebuilt unit.

3 With the engine running at normal operating temperature, squeeze the radiator top hose. If the water pump is working properly, a pressure surge should be felt as the hose is released.

Warning: Keep your hands away from the radiator electric cooling fan blades!

4 Remove the timing belt covers (see Chapter 2, Part A). Water pumps are equipped with weep or vent holes. If a failure occurs in the pump seal, coolant will leak from the hole. In most cases youТll need an electric torch to find the hole on the water pump from underneath to check for leaks.

5 If the water pump shaft bearings fail, there may be a howling sound at the drivebelt end of the engine while itТs running. Shaft wear can be felt if the water pump pulley is rocked up and down. DonТt mistake drivebelt slippage, which causes a squealing sound, for water pump bearing failure.

Removal and refitting
6 Remove the timing belt and tensioner (see Chapter 2, Part A). As noted in Chapter 2, if the belt is fouled with coolant, it must be renewed as a matter of course.

7 Drain the cooling system (see Chapter 1).

8 Disconnect the radiator bottom hose from the pump union. It is easier to reach this union if the power steering pump is unbolted and moved aside as described in Chapter 10 (see illustration). There is no need to disconnect any of the power steering system hoses.

8.8 Power steering system pump should be removed to reach water pump hose
8.8 Power steering system pump should be removed to reach water pump hose union (arrowed)

9 Unbolt and remove the water pump (see illustration). If the pump is to be renewed, unbolt the timing belt guide pulleys, and transfer them to the new pump.

8.9 Unscrew bolts (arrowed) . . .
8.9 Unscrew bolts (arrowed) . . .

10 Clean the mating surfaces carefully; the gasket must be renewed whenever it is disturbed (see illustration).

8.10 . . . to remove water pump - always renew gasket and clean all mating
8.10 . . . to remove water pump - always renew gasket and clean all mating surfaces carefully

11 On refitting, use grease to stick the new gasket in place, refit the pump, and tighten the pump bolts to the specified torque wrench setting.

12 The remainder of the reassembly procedure is the reverse of dismantling. Note that a new tensioner spring and retaining pin must be fitted if the timing belt has been removed for the first time. Tighten all fasteners to the specified torque wrench settings, and refill the system with coolant as described in Chapter 1.

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